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Amazon opens its first physical clothing store near Los Angeles

Amazon.com Inc. will open its first actual clothes store on Wednesday, marking the company’s latest brick-and-mortar initiative into the physical world.

The shop, known as Amazon Style, is located in Glendale, California, near Los Angeles. The Seattle-based company has stated that it will only create stores if it has something unique to offer clients. In Style’s case is an app that allows customers to scan codes on displayed clothes, which employees then retrieve in the correct size or color and dispatch to a fitting room or checkout counter.
Amazon has established a massive e-commerce business by selling simple clothing items like t-shirt packs.

Fashion businesses, on the other hand, have had a harder time cultivating Amazon’s third-party marketplace because of counterfeits. According to the outlet’s website, the new store will include Lacoste, Levi’s, and Steve Madden.

The opening comes two months after Amazon announced the closure of dozens of physical bookstores, “Amazon 4-Star” stores, and mall pop-up kiosks to focus on its Fresh supermarket chain and initiatives like Style.

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