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Answer Media Makes Strategic Investment in OTT AVOD Distributor Dooya Media Group

Leading digital growth, OTT development and advertising agency Answer Media takes a stake in OTT video processing and distribution service provider Dooya Media Group, creating an aggregated advertising offering with sales led by Answer Media.

A leading agency in OTT video creation, distribution and advertising, Answer Media today announced it has made a strategic investment in Dooya Media Group, Inc. (Dooya/DMG).  The investment creates a comprehensive advertising offering, with Answer Media driving sales efforts.

Answer Media CEO Loren Wilson has been appointed to the Dooya Board of Directors as part of the deal, whose terms remain otherwise undisclosed.

“We’re excited about this strategic investment and partnership to help fuel Dooya’s growth plan,” said Wilson. “Content is more important than ever in the free, ad-supported streaming environment as consumption continues to grow. And Dooya, with its delivery integrations and tens of thousands of hours of TV-ready content, is well positioned to be a leader in the space.”

An emerging broadband video content processor, FAST packager, and OTT distribution service provider, Dooya’s proprietary workflow platform enhances video to generate improved analytics. This approach meshes well with Answer Media’s expertise in not only ad sales, but also its breadth of services in branded content, video production, syndication and distribution strategy.

“Dooya welcomes Answer Media’s knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial spirit,” commented Dooya Media Group CEO John Wells. “We’re running fast, and they believe in speed. Coupling our delivery breadth with their smart deal making, wide network of partners and collaborative style, we’ll see significant results almost immediately.”        

Dooya is at the forefront of next generation AVOD distributors, distributing for 100+ content partners to over 40 AVOD platforms. These integrations include all the majors–The Roku Channel, Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Redbox, PLEX, Vix and Univision’s PrendeTV — as well as leading AVOD OTT scheduled streaming channel platforms such as XUMO, LG, Local Now and RadTV. 

Answer Media, along with its award-winning studio and production business SPACEMOB studio, is quickly evolving into a leading source for premium OTT content. It has built a content portfolio of original series, films and streaming channels spanning many genres including documentary, travel, entertainment, comedy, horror, mystery and gaming distributed across some of the largest streaming platforms. 

About Answer Media

Answer Media is a digital agency focused on an OTT distribution, development, and advertising. Its in-house content and film studio, SPACEMOB studio, helps to create and distribute video content that focuses on story as the best way to forge meaningful connections with an audience. For more info, visit https://answermedia.com or https://spacemobstudio.com

About Dooya Media Group

Dooya Media Group, Inc. (DMG) is an enterprise OTT video workflow platform and distribution service which offers superior data-driven solutions for Free Access Streaming Television (FAST) Channels and Ad-Supported Video on Demand (AVOD) Streaming content. The company’s proprietary workflow and data optimization process brings efficiencies to onboarding, delivery and search, yielding better reach for advertisers and higher revenue for content creators.

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