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Bill DeLisi, CEO of GOFBA: A good idea isn’t enough

Who is Bill DeLisi?

I’m an entrepreneur and a technology and cybersecurity expert with a passion for improving people’s daily experiences. I focus primarily on cybersecurity by studying vulnerabilities and then developing solutions to improve and automate security. I also study AI and computer learning and the coming impacts of quantum computing which is poised to transform our lives. Early in my career I worked for the United States Air Force Security Service (USAFSS), a secret organization like the NSA, where I performed cryptography services in the U.S. and out in the field. After my time there I began working with a contractor for IBM, where I developed a passion for cybersecurity, which continues to this day. I previously held CTO posts at several other companies, working with cloud and security infrastructures. I hold dozens of Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, and other certifications for systems engineering, cloud design, and other areas. But today I’m proud to serve as the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer and a founding member of the Board of Directors for GOFBA, Inc. and prioritize the safety and security of internet users.

What’s the story behind GOFBA?

GOFBA launched in 2008 as a secure search engine and communication platform with the goal to provide a safer internet experience. Built by an experienced tech-savvy team, GOFBA quickly branched from search to other modules to create a secure communications platform. It combines our team’s expertise in security, design, and UI to offer usable tools that help people work or play and do it securely.

At GOFBA we’re developing and commercializing a “supersite” that functions as a safe space for users. We’ve created a user-friendly safe search and other communications tools featuring our proprietary algorithms and encryption technology. The supersite offers secure features such as a search engine, email, chat, storage, and file transfers, all covered by our superior tech and user-centric approach.

We’re continually improving the service with the latest technology and enhancements. For example, we just completed a redesign of our News section to improve the speed our users can find engaging content and also launched a secure chat. It’s the constant refinements and review of the platform that make GOFBA the right choice for our 45 million-strong global users. This includes a significant presence in China, as we’re the only English search engine operating in the country.

What was the most difficult part of your experience in the early beginnings?

Building a company can be challenging on many fronts. You need a dedicated team with vision and the technical know-how that will make the project successful. A good idea isn’t enough, you need a strategic vision and the ability to put technical plans into usable platforms. Thankfully, I had a considerably amount of experience from the government sector and private enterprise. I leaned on this experience to develop GOFBA, emphasizing usability and a secure back-end.

What are you most proud of regarding your business?

I’m proud of our persistence in the face of obstacles and of the incredible team we’ve developed over the years. Companies succeed because of hard work and the people involved. We’re an example of a firm building a user base through continual improvements and the development of services that add value to people’s daily lives. We’re also enormously proud to provide children and adults with a safer way to search that removes violent or sexual-oriented content. Instead, our search platform uses a “clean” search database we built from scratch that excludes, or makes scarce, inappropriate or unwanted content. It’s ideal for kids, business users, and adults that want to find relevant results without exposure to the darker side and threats of the internet.

What is your vision for the future of GOFBA?

GOFBA is a leading secure search engine and communication platform and will serve as an important partner for individuals and businesses as we continue to grow. Cyberattacks are occurring on a massive scale pose devastating risks to corporate IT and to individual’s personal identity and safety. There’s a growing concern about these attacks and a focus on education and prevention. GOFBA’s core strength is maximizing user and operating system security, which gives an organization a shield from intrusions and risk. Our future hinges on our continued ability to offer a proactive approach to security that ensures users can search, store files, and communicate efficiently and safely.

What’s your advice for the businesses that are trying to adapt to this economic climate?

Businesses need to adapt and change continually to survive. Of course, the pandemic presents us all with extraordinary challenges. With the post-pandemic economy, recovery might come swiftly. Businesses trying to adapt need to make sure their business models make sense in the current climate.

Do they recognize the shift to remote working and online purchasing? Do they account for some peoples’ unwillingness to join large crowds? I recommend entrepreneurs and business owners to focus on their ideas and the user experience. If there’s a need for their service or product, and they take care of the customer’s needs, then there’s opportunity to succeed.

At GOFBA, we’re helping businesses to move forward by launching a Five Star Business Listing program, intended to help companies manage fake reviews and negative competitive online review tactics. It’s an honest and independent arbitrated review platform that helps firms maintain positive brand identities.

Please name a few technologies which have the greatest impact on your business.

Our business leverages multiple technologies including cloud computing, cryptographic advancements, and tools, as well as emerging AI and machine learning tools. Looking forward, we’ll see the influence of A.I. and quantum computing on GOFBA and millions of other businesses. For example, with A.I. we’ll see it blended into antivirus and authentication systems, reducing phishing schemes, and improving the security of remote work. Quantum computing will fundamentally challenge and change cryptography, requiring new ways to protect networks and information.

What books do you have on your nightstand?

A frequent read is “Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution” by Steven Levy, written in 2010. It’s a classic that looks at the original hackers from the late 1950s through the early 1980s who shaped the world. I frequently discuss the origins of hacking and cryptography, so this book is especially pertinent to my background and interests.

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