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Customers of Google’s Cloud Will Discover Their Gmail Carbon Footprint

The business is expanding its tools to assist clients in counting emissions.

As it expands its tools to assist users in evaluating their environmental impact, Google’s cloud computing business is getting ready to disclose the carbon footprint for its Workspace products, including Gmail and Docs.

The move by Google Cloud, which is owned by Alphabet Inc., broadens policies established last year to assist customers in measuring and lowering the total carbon emissions associated with using Google Cloud services. According to Justin Keeble, executive director of global sustainability at Google Cloud, the company intends to release the Workspace carbon data in the first quarter of 2023.
Google, situated in Mountain View, California, plans to be carbon neutral by 2030.

It currently operates globally using renewable energy sources, and by 2007, it had completely offset all of its emissions. By recommending specific flights or driving routes that create less pollution, it bragged about its work last year to assist search and maps users cut their carbon footprints.

However, cloud computing, a crucial component of Google’s business, is recognized as a highly energy-intensive industry. In order to keep up with demand from its server farms, Google, which operates data centers all around the world, has long purchased renewable energy offsets. It asserts that its cloud, which provides other businesses with internet-based computing and storage, is the cleanest in the entire globe.

Additionally, the business disclosed that it will now offer scope 1 and 3 emissions related to a customer’s use of Google Cloud. This relates to both direct emissions from sources under its direct control and indirect emissions from sources throughout its supply chain.

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