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Fireside chat with Joe Faghani, Senior Enterprise Application Architect NetApp

Joe Faghani is a Senior Enterprise Application Architect at NetApp. He has extensive experience in providing business value through delivering software products across different industries (Education , Software , Semiconductor, Defense).

Experienced IT leader delivering optimized scalable solutions to the enterprise, Joe lead high performance teams to achieve high impact results in trouble shooting complicated enterprise systems, POCs, Dogfooding and M&A due diligence activity in the software Arena.

Tell us more about your role in NetApp?

I am an IT enterprise Architect, working with Customer Service business unit to provide solutions to support tools for  our customers .

What is the most difficult part of your job? But the most rewarding one?

The most rewarding part of my job  is show casing  how we drink our own champagne and partner with our sales team  to present our products to our customers from and IT on IT perspective .
The hardest part of the Job is to have a crystal ball and try to build a strategy and a roadmap for the future.

Is there anything that you would change about your professional path?

I love what I do, I wish I treated my career more like a Marathon rather than sprint earlier on .

What’s your key strategy for the development of your company?

Move on prem products to the cloud to enable our customers in their cloud journeys.

What do you think about the next period of time, keeping in mind the pandemic and the new business climate? How will your industry be affected?

We will have to move more of our products to the cloud and do more virtual conferences.

What books do you have on your nightstand?

Finding your element by Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.

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