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Fireside Chat with Shamananda Lee, Spiritual Guide, Holistic Healer and Life Coach

 Who is Shamananda? 

It’s difficult to encapsulate, as I wear many hats. But, if I were to say one thing, I would say that I live my life through the lens of unconditional love towards everything and everyone at all times. 

I am a life coach, master shaman, mentor, and counselor specializing in transformational enlightenment through spiritual leadership, energy healing, holistic therapy, and other lifestyle guidance.  

More so, I’d say that I am a chameleon that heals people’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of life. Because they are all connected, they are impossible to separate in fully solving the world’s problems. 

What’s the story behind the Shamananda Foundation?  

When it began, I was the reluctant leader. I was the person that avoided responsibility my entire life. Then, when I accepted what I was meant to do in my life, everything got easier. But that’s the miracle of surrender. 

I was relatable and easy to talk to while still possessing the grounded qualities that many people in my industry lack. I had a knack for it because of my life experience and because I genuinely cared about people. I naturally supported others through difficult moments. I became their go-to person for various issues, anywhere from domestic problems to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ailments. If you had a problem, I had a solution every time.

I understood that I was walking into an industry where people were easily manipulated due to ignorance about consciousness. I decided that I would be offering the real deal by stepping into this role and nothing less. People deserve that. I also knew that I had to achieve that within myself first to be authentic and pure in what I was delivering. 

Eventually, I opened up an office due to demand. And now, because the demand is so high, I’m doing everything I can to reach everyone. I wanted to have a place where people could come and see me. And then, people kept coming. I tried advertising a bit, but I soon stopped because all of my clients were coming from word of mouth, which kept me very busy. I started working 16-hour days every day. I never scheduled breaks for myself. My daily routine was simple. I’d fall asleep, wake up, clean up, and do it all over again. Once again, I get to utilize my chameleon traits and adapt as I continue to grow. 

What was the most difficult part of your experience in the early beginnings? 

The hardest part was accepting that I could do it at all. My mantra for the longest time was, “leave me be.” At the time, I was experiencing the fear of taking on the responsibility for other people’s lives because I didn’t want to even deal with my own life. I remember it was like sitting in a dark room and constantly hearing someone knocking on the other side. So eventually, I just surrendered to my vocation, which in turn brought me to exalted levels of bliss and happiness. 

What are you most proud of regarding your business?  

I can’t say I experience pride anymore. But I experience the joy of watching others transform their lives for the better with my guidance. 

Celebrities and professional athletes know me as someone who can take them to the next level of their craft. Politicians come to me to better understand their inner workings and to discover peace. Homemakers come to me for relief from chronic physical pain stemming from childhood trauma or to support with discovering what true happiness is. People with eating disorders come to me when coping mechanisms don’t work. People with autoimmune diseases come to me to release their illnesses. Professional business owners want to understand what’s standing in their way. 

Bottom line, I see small children and the elderly, and everyone in between. Everyone has a different reason for seeing me. Some have spiritual issues, while others are emotionally out of touch or aren’t connected or aware of their bodies. I’m the glue that brings people together, and I’m like a chameleon in what I can do for people. Basically, I become whatever the other person needs in the moment, and I know how to deliver results that work. 

What is your vision for the future of the Shamananda Foundation?  

I’m looking forward to expanding my business. I am excited to offer big gatherings and seminars and teach people in masses how to lift their lives to new heights while extinguishing the pain that has gripped them. I’m also looking forward to publishing my book later this year called Sorrow and Remedy: The Avatars of Change and the Happiness We Must Acquire.  

What’s your advice for the businesses that are trying to adapt to this economic climate?  

The businesses that struggle often feel there is a lack of resources that do not allow them to push through the struggle. The truth is, the most significant world successors that maintain enormous wealth have made their mark in the most difficult of times. So, it’s best not to blame world events or other bureaucratic issues on what’s not working. The key instead is to understand that you have everything you require right now and learn the art of resourcefulness. 

Please name a few technologies which have the greatest impact on your business. 

Technology does not play a major role in my industry and work because my main focus is healing the mind, body and soul. But, social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have helped me expand my business and get my mission out there. It allows my patients to follow me closer and be reminded of their journey when they are not in my office. 

What books do you have on your nightstand? 

  • Meditation As Medicine
  • Transcending the Levels of Consciousness
  • The Saint Germain Series

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