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New mystery metal monolith appears on a California mountaintop

Not long after a similar structure was discovered in a Utah desert, a silvery column has been found in Atascadero.

Another secret metal stone monument has showed up on a mountain in California, simply seven days after a comparative structure caught the creative mind of the world when it was found in the deserts of Utah – prior to being brought down and vanished.

The nearby paper in the modest community of Atascadero, on the focal California coast, revealed that the gleaming section had been found on Pine mountain where many neighborhood explorers made the outing to see it – and post their photos on the web.

“The three-sided pillar had all the earmarks of being made of tempered steel, 10-feet tall and 18 inches wide. The article was welded together at each corner, with bolts joining the side boards to a presumable steel outline inside,” the Atascadero News detailed.

In contrast to its Utah kin – which was immovably mounted in the stones where it was found – the Atascadero stone monument was obviously a little shaky and the paper revealed that it very well may be conceivable to push it over.

The Utah stone monument was first spotted on 18 November by state helicopter groups helping untamed life scholars check bighorn sheep. The article, about 11ft tall and clearly made of hardened steel, before long pulled in many inquisitive spectators to its area as its popularity spread the world over.

Its maker stays a secret however a subject of much theory. As does the character of its destroyers after observers caught its evacuation last Friday night by a gathering of four men who purportedly “wandered off with the pieces” with one of them saying, “Leave no follow,” as indicated by the New York Times.

The Atascadero stone monument isn’t the primary copycat of the Utah unique. In the midst of mounting global consideration of the secret, a comparative structure was apparently found in the mountains of Romania.

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